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The photography series “Effacer” by Baptiste Leonne explores the complex and dramatic notion of the erasure of memory and identity. Through striking portraits of women, Leonne immerses us in a universe where stories, lives and cultures are denied and erased.

The images in this series are not limited to memory loss due to pathology. They rather evoke a more general erasure, whether it is the result of a voluntary withdrawal from the world, of an imposition by others or even of a political and ideological will. Each photograph, rich in textures and nuances, shows partially erased faces, fragmented identities and ghostly presences, symbolizing the progressive negation of an existence.

The portraits, often blurred or faded, illustrate this dissolution. The women's faces fade into the light or disappear into the shadows, embodying the fragility and precariousness of their identity in the face of external forces. Baptiste Leonne uses contrasts and textures to represent this erosion, where memories and stories become unrecognizable, as if reality itself is disintegrating.

This series invites deep reflection on how lives and cultures can be deliberately erased by oppressive forces. By capturing these portraits, Baptiste highlights the vulnerability of individuals facing the negation of their history and culture.

With “Effacer”, Baptiste Leonne confronts us with the disturbing reality of erasure and negation, while reminding us of the importance of preserving and recognizing each history and each identity.

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