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Baptiste Leonne is a multi-disciplinary and eclectic artist, his work includes and often combines photography and paintings. He is an artist of intermediate states: between fantasy and reality, between image and reflection. His paintings on mirrors capture women’s ultimate beauty with intensity and poetry, focusing on light, hues, and they remind a nostalgic aesthetic from another time. He is an autodidact artist currently based in Normandy, France.


In other projects, Leonne adopts a more critical, social view. His recent paintings are more conceptual, expressing the artist’s perspective on freedom of expression and human relations in the context of modern consumer society.


The works of Baptiste Leonne are held in private collections in France, Israel, the United States and England, and have been shown in solo and group exhibitions in France and Israel.




2023, Anti, Solo Exhibition, Wertheimer Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.

2022, Anti, Solo Exhibition, Le Havre, France, Galerie la glacière

2022, Diva Through the Looking Glass, solo exhibition, Wertheimer Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2022, Are You Experiencing, solo exhibition, THV, Le Havre, France.
2021, Fresh Paint Art Fair, group exhibition, Tel Aviv, Israel.
2018, Scope Art Show, group exhibition, Miami, FL.

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