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Diva through the looking glass 3_Limited edition photography, 140X93 cm Black Wood Frame w


Both as a medium and as a theme, the mirror is a central element in the monumental series Diva which combines painting and photography.

The creative process always begins with a painting on a mirror but only in the next stage does the magic begin through the camera lens and through the reflections.

My works move in a closed circle between mirror, painting and photography. On the one hand, the mirror is the starting point of my creative process, on the other hand, during the work it is completely absorbed within the image, leaving no sign of its presence. In that sense, the Diva series places two mirrors face-to-face: the mirror in front of the camera - and through the mirror, through the camera - a new, infinite and timeless image is formed.

My work echoes notions of femininity and identity. I use my brush and my camera lens to capture the feminine beauty in all its intensity, turning my models into universal characters.

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