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Piece of DIVA 6 - 120x140 cm, 90x77 cm.jpg


A living room, a station platform, a waiting room, an artist's dressing room: these spaces of passage embody emotions and either suspended or lost moments, where time pauses before meeting the unknown. Whether in the warmth and tranquility of a kitchen before joining the guests, in the dressing room before going on the stage and meeting the audience, or even on the entrance of our homes - all these places are like thresholds between two worlds.

These spaces can indeed take on a particular meaning symbolizing a transition between our private and public sphere, between our intimacy and our interactions with the outside world.

In these furtive moments of alteration where time seems to stand still – to allow us a time of concentration, reflection and sometimes even transformation, we prepare ourselves to face the unknown, to share a part of ourselves with others.

Each PIECE OF DIVA is a fragment of time and space, inviting us to enter these transitional spaces and preparing to play our own composition, our own Opera of life.

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