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Piece of DIVA 3 - 93x140 cm, 60x90 cm.jpg


This new series is an extension of the previous 'Diva', while questioning our identity through the dimension of time, space and our relationship with others.

A living room, a station platform, a waiting room, an artist's dressing room: these spaces of passage embody emotions and either suspended or lost moments, where time pauses before meeting the unknown.



The series Diva, born from an innovative and personal artistic approach based on mirror reflections,  combines painting and photography, thus blurring the boundaries between reality and fiction.

Master 1.jpg


Fashion is an art that sculpts time.

The sculptures in the MASTER series are formed like a fashion piece, like a suit or a dress mixed with cutouts of painted canvas and recomposed to create a unique piece.

Master 4


The photography series “Effacer” by Baptiste Leonne explores the complex and dramatic notion of the erasure of memory and identity. Through striking portraits of women, Leonne immerses us in a universe where stories, lives and cultures are denied and erased.

Feux Follets

This painting series of surrealistic portraits addresses modern society issues such as mass consumption, data processing and loss of individualism and identity. 



This new series of paintings cries out the challenges and evils of its time and delivers a message of freedom and tolerance: "We are what we are!"

ANTI 7 100X150.jpg


This painting had to be formidable, saturated, nebulous. Nebula is a painting that stands upright in front of the world. Each brushstroke is a healing, evolving with energy and courage towards the unknown. The wounds become a creative force so that the war stops.

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